Educational Loan

educational loan

        Education is no doubt the most crucial concern of an ordinary family on account of how it eats up their resources to a point of being overly drained. Yet, the family’s common aspiration may simply seem unattainable without education being pursued vigorously for the children no matter how costly.

It is along this concept that the MPC has come up with an Educational Loan for its qualified members to avail of when everything else is unlikely to come for help when tuition fees and other such school expenses become imminent.

This MPC service product is a financial assistance granted to regular and associate members with children of school ages to defray the cost of school expenses under the following terms:


Who are qualified?

– Regular and Associate members with the prescribed net home pay.

– Subject to 12% interest per annum payable up to twenty four (24) monthly installments

b.Loan application properly filled up
c.Latest pay slip
d.Proof of Enrollment / School registration