Calamity Loan

calamity loan

On the principle that no man has to carry the world alone, more particularly in times of trouble as when disaster (typhoon, fire, flood) strikes in the dead of night or in the light of day to wreak havoc, the MPC Calamity Loan is just around for members to lean on in a way like “Nakasandal ka sa pader”.

This MPC service product is one other financial assistance accorded to regular and associate members who are afflicted by unforeseen onslaught of nature or catastrophe and have to be helped recover the lost pieces of their normal life.
Calamity loan is available on easy terms, thus:

Calamity loan is available on easy terms, thus:

Who are qualified?

– Regular and Associate members with the prescribed net take home pay

– Subject to 6% interest per annum payable in twelve (12) monthly installments


b.Loan application properly filled up
c.Latest pay slip
d.Pictures of the extent of damage of the property